We are a young global company specialized in products and services trading.
We look forward to generate throughout our actions, a reliable commercial network for the development of sustainable long-term business.
Professionals with a long and strong experience in the market compose our team. We generate business opportunities looking forward to the aim of increasing horizons.
We build strong strategic worldwide commitments.
We adapt to the versatility of the market, protecting and promoting our customers and suppliers interests, so that their products and services can be traded in a competitive and creative way.

Succeed each one of our customers and suppliers expectations, all the way through a highly professional work and quality values, maintaining long-term relationships.

Provide the best and most efficient business strategy according to the national and international needs.
Develop commercial bonds between customers and suppliers, with the highest levels of competitiveness, cost effectiveness, quality, presence and influence all over the market.

Future vision


Our global products and services platform is a business generator with a high guaranteed efficiency. Our main aims are satisfying our customers needs and enhancing their products incorporation in the market.

In Kee & Go we offer the following services:

Business advice and planning.
Target market analysis.
Product selection.
Distribution channels definition.
Sustainable development.

Products and services insertion throughout creative and competitive strategies.
Point of sale development.
Post Sale service.




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